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The Scale is excited to announce our newest ventures NoteWorthy and Camp NoteWorthy!


Noteworthy is scheduled to launch Fall 2016 and will be serving those interested in learning to play: violin, guitar, keyboard and voice. Participants will have an opportunity to immerse themselves in the art that is music, NoteWorthy will be offered through Wake County's recreational services featured at Green Road, Brentwood, and Biltmore Recreational Centers in Raleigh, NC. Information is being made available through the Wake county recreational division website and professional events ledger.


Camp NoteWorthy is scheduled to launch Summer 2016. A musical summer camp featured at host churches wanting to bring the opportunity of musical development within their churches and communities. The first camp of its kind is slated to be held at New Day Christian Church, with Pastor George Logan in Morganton, NC. Dates are June 22-25 2016. Churches interested in bringing Camp Noteworthty to their church and impacting their communities with the gift of music education and music development contact us here for more information.

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