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TW2 Inc., Summmer 2013, signs contract with The Boys & Girls Club of Greensboro, NC to start the club's first music program.


TW2 Inc. renews their contract with The Boys & Girls Club of Greensboro to expand the music program.


TW2 Inc. completes year long music grant for Central Unit Boys & Girls Club of Greensboro. TW2 Inc. connects UNCG students to continue community music program.


TW2 Inc. Spring 2014 begin individual and group music lessons in partnerships with Brentwood Boys & Girls Club of Raleigh, NC


TW2 Inc. Spring 2015 created Orchestra Philharmonica de Brentwood, a performing Latino based performing arts troupe



SAPA students were invited to perform at the Boys & Girls Club summer showcase, held at the Greensboro Performance Center.


SAPA students were invited to perform at Christmas Fundraiser Gala at Mt. Zion in Greensboro, NC


SAPA students featured in Greensboro News & Observer


SAPA students invited to perform for Wake County Annual Christmas Boys & Girls Club Awards.


SAPA students were invited to attend the UNCG Percussion Concert


Orchestra Philarmonica de Brentwood performed for La Conexion Newspaper Festival at the NC State Fairgrounds


Orchestra Philharmonica de Brentwood featured at the Annual Brentwood Boys & Girls Club Festival











At The Scale, we provide flexible scheduling options for clients. Listed below are group lessons in partnership with The Boys & Girls Club and individual lesson times for individual clients.


For inquiries on classes, volunteer opportunities and donations please submit an inquiry on the Contact Us page.



Youth vary in ages from Pre school through high school graduation.


Youth experience two techniques of learning


  • Group Lessons

  • Inidividual Lessons



At The Scale Academy of Performing Arts we explore every genre of music with Classical music as the foundation. The Scale teaches music theory, notation, performance technique, practice techniques and kinder music.


The Scale believes in site reading, as-well-as ear training at the primer levels through maturity.


Genres taught: Classical, Celtic, Bluegrass, Gospel, Christian, Jazz, Contemporary and Hip Hop.


Instruments: Violin, Piano, Guitar, Cello, Harp, Drums, Voice and Flute


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