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The Founders


The Whittington's are a young brother and sister duo, Robert and La'Meshia both began their Classical training at the age of 5. As the years progressed they studied Celtic, Bluegrass, Jazz rifts and their family roots of Gospel. In the year of 2004 La'Meshia and Robert decided to began a music ministry, going by the name 'The Whittington's' blending musical genres to make an eclectic and powerful sound.


They have performed over 100 events and venues, such as: WNCW radio station, Caldwell tv, CoMPASS Cable, Snow Angels Movie Premiere, Rick Hendricks: Nascar Roasting Ceremony, Blue Ridge Celtic Fest, won Best Performer Award from The Links, Incorporated, Lake Lure Inn, Ralph Sexton's: Trinity Baptist Church, The McDowell House, Festival of Lights, The Goombay Festival, and numerous weddings, anniversaries, youth events, Pastor Appreciations and conventions.


When La'Meshia was 16 years old she decided that her dream was to own and operate a 501(c) 3 non profit music school designed to give all youth a chance to reach their full potential through music education, no matter their income, background or disabilities. Six years later on April 26, 2013 this dream developed into a reality and the dream expanded to not only music education but arts education and therapy for impoverished and special needs youth.


Thus presenting TW2 Inc. "The Scale Academy of Performing Arts".

TW2 Inc.


TW2 Inc. is a non profit arts organization designed to touch the lives of impoverished, at-risk and special needs youth through individual and group music lessons free-of-charge in the state of North Carolina.


TW2 Inc. provides instruments: violin, guitar, keyboards, drums (including vocal training) during each session for each student involved in the program. 


TW2 Inc. provides on-site music lessons, kindermusic programs, and music therapy programs for afterschools, schools, inner-city programs, 4-H Clubs, YMCA, community centers and Latino based clubs or afterschool centers. 




The Whittington's began as a brother/sister performance duo over 10 years ago, with the mission to give back to the community through music. This pursuit transformed into what is now known as The Whittington's 2 'TW2' Inc, a non profit designed to pass along the tutelage of arts, arts education and arts therapy to the next generation.





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